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UTI’s can cause a significant and distressing change in behavior.

Urinary tract infections (UTI) are common among older people. Woman are more commonly affected than men but patients with dementia can have the highest incidence of all the population segments. The person may not be able to communicate how they feel so it is important to be aware of any sudden and unexplained change in behavior such as increased confusion, agitation or withdrawal as this can be caused by a UTI.
UTI’s can cause a significant and distressing change in behavior which is called “acute confusional state’ or ‘delirium’ which is a change in a residents mental state or consciousness that develops over several days. There are different types of delirium and symptoms may include agitation or restlessness, increased difficulty concentration, hallucinations or becoming unusually sleepy or withdrawn.
utymax UtyMax is a medical food used to prevent recurrent UTI’s and contains  500 mg of clinically proven CranMax:

  • A once-a-day medical food to help manage recurrent urinary tract infections.3
  • Clinically proven in a double blind, peer reviewed, published study to reduce the occurrence of UTI’s.
  • Comparable in effectiveness to the most commonly prescribed antibiotic for the treatment of recurrent UTI’s without any of the side effects.
  • Unlike other cranberry products, UtyMax does not contain bromalin and will not interact with warfarin or other medications.
  • UtyMax helps comply with CMS guidelines to reduce polypharmacy by optimizing non-pharmacological alternatives.

Recurrent UTI’s are classified as having two UTI’s within a three-month period. Use UtyMax proactively once a day to prevent recurrent UTI’s.

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