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The modern answer to tube feed protein supplementation.

An article in Practical Gastroenterology states that “clogged feeding tubes are responsible for significant lost of delivery of enteral feeding. They also increase risks and cost to patients in the event that they must be replaced.”
“Enteral feeding tubes are the lifelines for those patients who rely on them for nutrition, hydration and medication administration. According to the American Society of Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition (ASPEN) data from 2009 revealed that more than 245,000 patients per year require at least a temporary feeding tube during a hospital stay. Estimates of the incidence of clogged feeding tubes range widely from 12.5% to 45% over the life of a tube. The cost of supplies, nursing care and confirmatory abdominal x-rays required for simple nasoenteric tube replacement are significant; a single trip to fluoroscopy to replace a clogged J tube costs upward of $1,000.00.”Banner-ProSourceTF-lrg
Using the right liquid modular protein supplement- one that is water-thin and does not require dilution- is one way to eliminate a potential for a clogged tube.
ProSource TF is the highest quality protein with a PDCAAS score of 100, water-thin for ease of  administration, reduces the risk of cross contamination like mixing powdered protein supplements, is virtually isotonic to reduce the risk of osmotic diarrhea and contains no allergens, artificial flavors,  colors or sweeteners. ProSource TF packets are the modern answer to modular protein supplementation and the number one worldwide best selling protein made exclusively for tube feeding.

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