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See What People Are Saying About ProSource TF….

ProSource TF is the only modular protein specifically designed to help meet the protein needs of the enterally fed population. The amino acid enhanced formulation provides a PDCAAS of 100, the same PDCAAS as whey protein. Because of the water thin consistency, administration is easy and overall volume requirements are minimal. See what clinicians are saying about ProSource TF:

ProSource TF helps meet the protein needs with our vented obese population. Its been a great addition to our formulary so far

Our nurses love how easy it is to use

My outpatient oncology patients really like ProSource TF

ProSource TF has significantly reduced our issues with clogged tubes

ProSource TF makes meeting protein needs so easy

Our facility recently switched to ProSource TF and we couldn’t be happier

With only 40 calories per serving, ProSource TF makes meeting protein needs simple without the worry of overfeeding calories. And because it does not contain sugar or artificial sweeteners , there is no concern for GI distress or diarrhea.

ProSource TF is changing the way protein needs are being met in the enteral population. Find out for yourself!

For your FREE, no obligation 25 packet sample case, or for more information email with FREE TRIAL in the subject line.

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