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Purees set a new standard of care.

CP-breakfastOur customers say the nicest things about Café Puree! A large national assisted living and memory care chain account sent these comments after converting to Café Puree.

If you’d like to upgrade your puree program to the most visually eye-appealing, with the most flexible cooking options and the widest selection of purees, contact us at You’ll reduce costs, increase food consumption and make the residents, their families and your staff happy!

“A resident came back from the hospital and they were on a puree diet. They came back late at night and we were able to make them a meal quickly. I really like all of the different cooking options especially the ability to microwave the meats and vegetables!”
“I think it is a great program for a couple of reasons: consistency, texture and max amount of protein that you can’t water down too much like you can with  in-house purees.” Cafe Puree meats deliver 21 grams of protein from real meat not additives like cream, cream cheese, egg white and soy protein!
“I think it is a great program for our residents. It’s really all about the options we can give them.” Cafe Puree offers the only line of pre-pureed, pre-formed pizza, spaghetti and Mac and Cheese!
“Residents love them! And families like the fact that purees now look like real foods on the plate. They taste great and are very nutritious for our residents.”

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