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Nutrition Intervention in the Burn Population

ArgiMent AT from Medtition
Nutrition plays a major role in the treatment and resolution of burns.  Navigating the healing process can be challenging with the prevalence of physiological changes that patients also experience.  While preservation of lean body mass is top priority, we must also keep in mind immune system function and its ability to fight off infection, which is often a set back that these patients encounter.  In addition, any opportunity to reduce recovery time while optimizing the healing process should also be considered.
Intervention for these patients may vary but the evidence suggests the following for advanced healing: adequate protein consumption, repletion of conditionally essential amino acids; L arginine and L glutamine(condition dependent), micronutrient repletion and intervention including Zinc/ Copper, Vitamin C.  ArgiMent AT provides the nutritional factors necessary to aid in wound healing. The foundation of the product is 10 grams of high quality whey protein to provide the necessary support for the wound healing process. Glutamine is essential for maintaining small bowel integrity and preserving gut-associated immune function. Arginine is another important amino acid because it may enhance the performance of  natural killer cells and accelerates nitric oxide synthesis, which improves resistance to infection. The supplementation of arginine in burn patients has led to improvement in wound healing and immune responsiveness.  Vitamin C aids in collagen creation and proper immune system function.  Copper and zinc are also important for immune system function but are lost in large quantities in burn patients.  Specifically, zinc and copper supplementation are necessary requirements for wound healing intervention, collagen and protein synthesis, and overall immune response.
The repletion of these micronutrients suggests improved morbidity of severely burned patients.  A defining factor in this product is the presence of a prebiotic.  Our prebiotic, Bimuno, has been shown to help feed on the good bacteria in the gut while starving out the bad, creating a better bacteria balance which is essential for gut health, appropriate function of the immune system and reduction in inflammation.  All factors essential for this specific population.
The burn population is challenging as their needs are high and complications related to injury often arise.  Finding the balance between immune system function, nutrition and tissue repair is the key to a speedy recovery.

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(Contraindications may exist regarding supplementation of micronutrients, arginine and glutamine in the septic and/ or critically ill population with burns). Each clinical scenario should be evaluated on a case by case basis and intervention should be specific for each patient intervention)


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