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High Protein Gelatin for Fluid Restricted Diets

Recently we have received some questions  whether Gelatin 20 and Gelatin Plus qualify for Fluid Restricted Diets
Based on current research  Gelatein20 and Gelatein Plus should not count as a fluid. We offer the following: Typically you see more information on what should count as a fluid and basically the default rule of thumb is that anything that turns to liquid at room temperature needs to be counted as fluid. (Yes, even Jell-O® and ice cream).
11705 Gelatein Plus
Conversely, that same thinking logically leads to the conclusion that if a food is solid at room temperature, then it is not a liquid. Gelatein 20 is not a liquid at room temperature.
Our  formulation of Gelatein is made using carrageenan, which is a natural gelling agent derived from Irish seaweed.  In addition to providing a smoother gel action, it has the benefit of a higher than gelatin melt point which depending on pH, ranges between 50C to 70C  (122F to 158F) or an average of 140F.  Based upon average human body temperatures considerably less than 122F, an observation would be then, that human body temperature will not have a melting effect on the product. Any liquid used in the manufacture of the product remains bound up with the carrageenan until its melt point is reached or exceeded.
Gelatein 20, Gelatein Plus, Gelatein Plus with MCT oil, high protein gelatins
As further evidence,  some gelling agents and food gums such as carrageenan powder are used as laxatives because they bind water and carry it through the digestive tract, softening the stool indicating that the water bound in Gelatein is not ‘released’ in significant amounts by digestion.
Gelatein 20 and Gelatein Plus are approximately 70% water, so even if some small portion of water is released during digestion, the amount of water would be less than 30 mL.  Fluid restricted diets typically restrict fluid to 800 mL to 1,500 ml per day so at even at 800 mL Gelatein’s contribution would be less an 3/10th of 1% which  supports using Gelatein 20 and Gelatein Plus, both with 20 grams of protein per 4 oz. cup for fluid restricted diets.

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