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High osmolality liquid proteins contribute to diarrhea.

We have long known that ProSource liquid proteins have the lowest osmolality of any liquid protein on the market. Why is this important: Because high osmolality products draw water into the gut and can contribute to osmotic diarrhea. This is especially consequential for patients on tube feed who are already prone to having diarrhea.prosource-tf
Our ProSource TF and No Carb liquid proteins have osmolalities under 380 mOsm/kg water which makes them virtually isotonic, meaning they have the same osmotic pressure that is in the human body. Sports drinks like Gatorade and other isotonic drinks became popular because unlike high osmotic, sugary drinks, they don’t cause diarrhea or an stomach upset after a hard workout.
We have independently tested all of our competitors liquid proteins and found their osmolality to be as much as 10 times higher than ours. One company states  the osmolality of their liquid protein to be  +2,000 mOsm/kg after diluting with 60 mL of water meaning undiluted it is +4,000 mOsm/kg. The reason theirs so high is because they use Glycerin to add calories to their product while still making a sugar free claim. (Calories are calories regardless if they come from sugar or glycerin). Glycerin is a high osmolality ingredient.
Add in the fact that ProSource TF and No Carb are virtually water-like and do not require dilution prior to use for tube feeding-  they save significant nursing time- ProSource Liquid proteins are a vastly superior liquid protein.

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