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Gelatein and PDCAAS

Gelatein is  a unique, high quality protein dessert that is appropriate for clear liquid diets, three stages of the dysphagia diet, protein malnutrition, wound healing, diabetic and bariatric surgery patients. It has many wonderful applications.
Gelatein is a unique blend of easily digestible hydrolyzed collagen and whey protein isolate. Because hydrolyzed collagen is enzymatically broken down into small peptides, this makes bioavailability superior.  Our Gelatein line has a PDCAAS of 65-70 on average.  Because Gelatein is not indicated as a sole source of protein, we do not feel it necessary to enhance with amino acids, unlike our ProSource TF which is used for critical care tube feed patients.  The process of enhancement with amino acids can impact flavor and overall taste which is why we do not add additional amino acids to Gelatein to raise its  PDCAAS to 100. We  do, however add tryptophan  with the Institute of Medicines guideline of 6 mg per gram of protein to make it  a complete protein.  While PDCAAS is a priority, patient acceptance and compliance with Gelatein far outweighs the slight limitation.  Because Gelatein is an oral supplement, the patient likely has a variety of protein and amino acid intake and exposure in their diet, making PDCAAS far less important than that of an enterally fed patient.

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