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Fiber's Effect on Medication Bio-Availability

Banatrol Plus with 2g of fiber per pack is considered a low-medium-fiber food with less than 0.5 grams of insoluble fiber- too low of an  amount of insoluble fiber to slow digestion and effect the bio-availability of medications associated with high  insoluble fiber containing foods or supplements .
Below is a comparison of fiber content of Banatrol Plus vs a raw medium banana:
Each packet of Banatrol Plus contains 2 grams of fiber comprised of a mix of soluble and insoluble fiber from the banana flakes and Bimuno prebiotic:

  •  <0.5g of insoluble fiber from banana flakes
  • 1.5 g of soluble from the prebiotic B-GOS (Bimuno)
  • This compares to a medium raw banana with 3 grams of fiber: 1 g of insoluble fiber and 2 g of soluble fiber

Dietary fiber, specifically insoluble fiber such as wheat bran, can slow down digestion and decrease the rate at which some drugs are absorbed and lessen their effectiveness. Fiber intakes of 50 grams per day have been shown to decrease nutrient absorption. Several studies suggest you shouldn’t combine fiber with drugs that treat depression, diabetes, high cholesterol, thyroid disorders, seizures, and heart disease.
Banatrol Plus is considered a low-medium fiber food, but is very low in insoluble fiber (<0.5g/pack) and should not have any effect on the bio-availability of medicines  such as a high insoluble fiber supplement would.

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