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FDA Announces Updates to Dietary Fiber List

On June 14, 2018 the FDA announced that it will expand their definition of dietary fiber. In 2016 the FDA made a decision to redefine the term dietary fiber, taking the category from over 26 sources of dietary fiber to 7.  The new change had mixed reviews.  Some thought the shift would make understanding fiber’s impact on health an easier term to understand, others challenged the ruling citing overwhelming positive health evidence regarding previously designated fibers that were now obsolete.  The FDA gave opportunity to petition for additions to their short list and the final verdict (for now) is in.  Under the new classification, the FDA stated that in addition to their previous list they would be adding 8 more  sources of dietary fiber including galactooligosaccharides, inulin and polydextrose among others.

Manufactures have until 2021 to update labels in order to comply with the new ruling and while it may be difficult to determine exactly how this will impact the population, scientific evidence suggests that the additions to the definition may positively impact patients, populations and their overall health.


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