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Posted onMay 7, 2020

Happy Nurses Week

Nurses are the backbone of our healthcare system.  Without their support, agility and flexibility our hospitals, healthcare facilities and support centers would crumble.  They are constantly shifting and adapting to the ever changing challenges that are presented to them.  Now, more than ever, nurses are a crucial part of the healthcare team.  We are thankful for the servic...

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Posted onApril 2, 2020

Meeting protein needs for the mechanically ventilated patient.

The COVID-19 virus has brought new challenges to the nutritional support of the estimated 960,000 patients who will require mechanical ventilation(1). Many ventilated patients will be sedated using a lipid (fat) based medication (diprivan/propofol) that often delivers >400-500 fat calorie per day. Most enteral tube feeding formulas are not able to deliver enough protein t...

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Posted onMarch 20, 2020

ASPEN Virtual Conference

As leaders in modular nutrition therapy, we look forward to the ASPEN Nutrition Science & Practice Conference every year. This year was no different and although we are disappointed about the cancelation of the conference to be held in Tampa, Florida, we agree with the decision and support the organization for doing what is best for the world during this difficult time. ...

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Posted onMarch 16, 2020

Supporting Your Immune System; As Easy As A, B, C

Being mindful of how our immune system is functioning should always be a top priority. While there are some things that are beyond our control, many efforts that are easily implemented can have a significant impact on our health and wellbeing. When focusing on immune system function its important to remember your A,B, Cs. A- Always wash your hands. Frequent and thorough hand-w...

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Posted onFebruary 28, 2020

A life changing story

We often get calls from customers regarding product questions as well as feedback.  Below is a conversation that was had with a member of our team and a customer.  We love hearing from YOU.  Your stories are what we value the most because we know our mission is successful and we are helping people feel better.  Our customer service manager said that someone on the teleph...

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Posted onFebruary 19, 2020

Navigating and Understanding Details of IDDSI

IDDSI or the International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative, is well underway in the USA.  Facilities are in various stages of the implementation process.  Some early adopters are successfully navigating their way through these new updates while others are waiting for the dust to settle before moving forward with the new process.  Two key concepts to keep in min...

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Posted onJanuary 29, 2020

Is Banatrol Plus Safe for Long Term Use?

The answer is yes! Banatrol Plus is America's number #1 natural anti-diarrheal which works by thickening the stool without stopping GI motility. Banatrol Plus contains two sources of soluble fiber - Banana Flakes and Bimuno Prebiotic- to better manage stool consistency while also increasing the healthful bacterial of the gut.   They work together to help manage the f...

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Posted onJanuary 17, 2020

Banatrol Plus White Paper Summary

Diarrhea is an important problem in critically ill patients [1] [2]. Enteral feeding and medications are common causes of diarrhea in the hospital setting. Fiber-free enteral nutrition can induce diarrhea through abnormal colonic responses and disruption of the colonic microbiota [3] [4] [5] [6]. Antibiotics can also disrupt the gut microbiota resulting in dysbiosis and diarrhe...

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Posted onJanuary 13, 2020

Banatrol Plus Timing

The question of timing is often asked regarding the Banatrol Plus product.  Obviously we are looking for maximum benefit when taking the product but timing may be dependent on condition, administration and overall volume tolerance. Banatrol Plus can be mixed with water, juice or soft food of your choice.  Banatrol Plus is typically recommended 3 times per day with a maxim...

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Posted onJanuary 12, 2020

Can ProSource Liquid Protein be used in the Pediatric population?

We do get this question often and we know it can be challenging to fill the protein gaps in the clinical setting, even more so with the pediatric population. The ProSource product line was formulated and dosed to serve the adult population. While our products are used in pediatric facilities across the country, because they have not been studied in the pediatric setting, we can...

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