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The Best Purees on the Market

Today is a special day in our company history; we have just shipped our 11 millionth tray of Cafe Puree.
We  created a puree revolution when we introducedcafe-Puree-vegetables Cafe Puree preformed, pre-pureed purees 14 months ago.  We increased the amount of protein typically delivered in meats from 14 g to 21 pureeg using real meat not egg whites, soy protein or cream cheese as our competitors do. Our products contain no MSG or MSG substitutes so they have 40% less sodium than other products on the market.  And we packaged them in first of its kind microwavable, single serve trays to cut cooking time to just a few minutes to accommodate room service menus in hospitals.
cafe-Puree-meatsWe introduced the first line of preformed, pureed pastas; macaroni and cheese, pizza and spaghetti and meat sauce. And then we introduced Cafe Parfait, the first line of preformed desserts like apple cobbler, chocolate mint patty and strawberry and lemon cheese cake appropriate for the dysphagia
Cafe Puree has given healthcare facilities new choices and menu options while delivering more flavor, more protein and higher quality products while reducing cooking time.

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