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Banatrol Plus for Chemo Induced Diarrhea 1/26/15

Here is a nice testimonial from a Clinical Oncologist Nutritionist regarding Banatrol Plus and chemo induced diarrhea. In many cases if the diarrhea is not brought under control,  treatment has to be stopped, so Banatrol Plus can literally be a life saver!
Dear Medtrition,
A cancer patient was referred to me for weight loss and diarrhea. As advised, she was taking anti–diarrheal medications  which resulted in constipation, then followed with laxatives.  The diarrhea/constipation cycle impacted her appetite and intake as well as her quality of life.
Along with diet modification advice,  I recommended  Banatrol Plus.  It was initiated with 3 packets daily. After 3 weeks, it was titrated to once daily.   Now she is having soft stools regularly, her intake is improved, and she is able to resume the activities she enjoys.  She is very pleased with the results, as is her family and her physician.   Thank you, Medtrition.
Clinical Oncology Nutritionist

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