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Banana Plus for Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease

Banatrol Plus is a combination of 2 soluble fibers – banana flakes and a prebiotic. The primary action of the soluble fibers is to restore the balance of the beneficial bacteria in the gut microbiota which in turn helps such functions as, but not limited to – improved  immune function, decrease in inflammatory cytokines, regulation of fluid absorption with improved stool formation.
Banatrol Plus is safe for use in most patients with  Ulcerative Colitis and  Crohn’s Disease as it does not slow GI motility and works to restore normal body function, not override it. However, as is the nature of GI diseases, management is always based on each person’s individual condition and response to the intervention, so going slow and low in terms of dosing is recommended.
Additionally, Banatrol Plus would not be appropriate for patient’s who are on liquid diets due to narrowing of the bowel, or those with bacteria overgrowth or allergy / intolerance to bananas or any of the ingredients in the product. Banatrol Plus, as with all fiber supplements, works in the large intestine, so Banatrol Plus would not be appropriate for patients who do not have a large colon i.e. bowel resection.

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