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A letter of thanks

We strive to do our best in our mission to help people feel better but often are not able to truly understand the impact that we have on our customers.  We were blessed to help a caregiver provide her father with the intervention he needed to not only heal but also improve his quality of life.  The following is a letter we received to express her gratitude:
I am writing to tell you not only about the wonderful products you have, but to specifically single out an employee who works at your company who I feel greatly indebted to. But first, I feel obligated to tell you a bit of our medical history.
My father had a bad fall and hit his head. The fall compressed his spine and he went from being completely ambulatory one minute to becoming a quadriplegic in an instant. A feed tube was inserted through his nose then a few weeks later, when he was still having swallowing issues, a peg tube was inserted in his stomach. After four months trauma hospital, step down hospital and rehab stays he was released home and I have been his primary caregiver. I love my father very much. He has led an exemplary life and I feel honored to be able to take care of him in his time of need. I have learned a lot in the past 16 months and I will continue to educate myself so I can make sure my father has the best quality of life he so deserves. 
Since being on the feeding tube, my father has had constant diarrhea. He even had to be hospitalized again for having very low potassium because of it.  Once I finally got him back home I did my own research on diarrhea associated with feeding tubes and discovered information on Banatrol Plus. I called Medtrition immediately and talked to your customer service team. Much to my surprise, she actually asked me what happened to my father. I cried when I told her his unfortunate story and I told her how excited I was to try the Banatrol. Since my father has been on Banatrol Plus his diarrhea is in check and his potassium levels are steady. 
Between the Banatrol and the protein supplements i tried I noticed my father was feeling much stronger. That caused me to look at your web site where I found a different product you make called ProSource ZAC, which I call our miracle supplement! My father came home from rehab with a dinner plate size redness and pressure sores on his bottom from being bed bound. After I gave my father the ProSource ZAC for three weeks his bottom was back to normal and the other wounds he got while in the hospital were all healed! I was astounded! I then talked to our new dietitian who confirmed that my father had been malnourished and he needed the additional protein and vitamins to help him heal. She talked to our doctor who promptly wrote us orders for both products.
Sir I’ve learned an awful lot about the health care industry in the last sixteen months. Some of it good and some of it very bad. Unfortunately there are many people working in the industry who do not care. My father’s quality of life has greatly improved because of your products. Being a full time caregiver can be a challenging job, but each of  your staff have been kind, courteous, compassionate, poised, extremely helpful and absolutely lovely to deal with.
Thank you for what your company does for the people who need your products at such a challenging time in their lives, and for being a leader with the foresight to surround yourself with such exemplary employees.
Thank you again and thank you to your lovely employees.

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